Publié : 17 août 2009

PC vs. Mac

Bon... une fois les problèmes de wifi réglés, on peut enfin sortir de la "zone". Combien de temps prendra un vieille utilisateur de PC à se familiariser avec un Mac ? Les paris sont lancés !

Why are Macs so damn expensive ? Because... because new tech costs more than old one ! Yes, PCs are cheaper but in the end they always seem to be a few years behind. Too bad Apple can’t lower their prices a bit more because I’m pretty sure more people would buy them. In the end, quantity could compensate for their profit margin. R&D might be expensive, but I don’t feel sorry for Steve who seems to be as well off as Bill. So care to share the wealth guys ?

Rise up and ask... nay DEMAND lower prices on all Apple products and one day we will crush Bill Gates’ empire and replace it with another, cooler, technologically sharper one.

Let’s just hope we don’t get screwed in the process...